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Club Rock Lyrics – Yung Nation

[Intro:] Show Me Wat Ya Know
Get It Get It Go
Lets Start The Show
Work Work Ta The Flo’
Young Nation Here We Go
Lets Get It Lets Go

[Chorus:] Er’body Rockiin,Er’body Rockiin
Dont Stop Rockiin,Dont Stop Rockiin,
Got The Club Rockiin, We Got The Club Rockiin
Er’body Rockiin, Er’body Watchiin
Rock Rock Dont Stop Rock
Rock Rock Dnt Stop
Er’body Rockiin, Er’body Rockiin
Er’body Rockiin, Er’body Rockiin
Ahh Yhea

[Verse 1:] I Rock So Exotic
Im Moviin Robotic
Ya Girl On My Sasage
I Rock Ta The Beat
I Rock Wen I Can [?] Round 2 A.M. I’ll Be Rockiin Ya Girl Ta Sleep
I Kno Yu Prolly Feeliin Weak
Yu Need Ta Get On Ya Sneaks
Get Off Ya But Cheeks
Thats Wat We Call 104
Work It Dip It Low
Push It And Go
Stand Out Stand Out Go
Body Rock The Flo’
And If Yu Aiint Got No Swagg Yu Need Ta Exit The Doe’
Imma Hit Yu Wit A Combo
I’ll Prolly Hit Yu In Ya Throat
Ohh Noo My Brain Bout Ta Explode
Ya Girl Still On Me Bro’
She Touchiin On My Clothes
Imma Make Her Put Her Elbows On Her Toes
Real Deal No Jokee
Imma Body Rock, Body Rock, Body Rock, Body Rock
Till My Body Brokee

[Chorus] [Verse 2:] Imma Rock And Show My Skills
And Girl Yu Still Gotta Rock Evn Tho’ Yu Got On Heels
Im Not Playiin Im Fa Real
Im Not Playiin Im Fa Real
And If Yu Givee Me Chills
Imma Rock Ya In Somee [?] Get Up And Show Me Wat It Is
Get Up And Show Me Wat It Is
And If Yu Widee Up Then Throw Uhp Wea Yu Livee
Work It Set Ya Field I Kno Yu Gonee Off Kill
Work Till’ Yu Cant Feel Work Till Yu Cant Feel
Work Work Dont Stop Work Work Work Body Rock
Havee Yu Seen My New G Shock
And Thesee Can Dunks I Got
Wen I Pull Up In The Lot
Or I Pull Up In A Yacht
Yo Vehicle Is A Not That Honda All Yu Got
Dj Turn Me Up A Lil Notch
Dj Turn Me Uhp A Lil Notch
Whilee I was Doiin My Rock
I Seen A Cutie And She Kinda Hot
Girl Keep Goiin Dnt Stop
Girl Keep Goiin Dont Stop
And Wen We Leave Dhis Spot Yu Can Rock On My Cock


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