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Lonely Road Lyrics – B5

(performed as Audio)

Hmmm na na na na… Ooh whoa… Hmmm

[Patrick] If you could see what I’m thinkin,
I’d be right there next to you
Lookin’ in your eyes day dreamin,
Theres nothin more that I wanna do…

[Pre-Chorus] Because I’m completely
in love with you until the day I die

[Chorus] I’m walkin down a lonely road
With you on the other side
I’ve been gone for a long, long time
So please don’t say goodbye
I’m walkin down a lonely road
With you girl in my sight, baby please don’t say goodbye
Say good bye…
Don’t say goodbye
Don’t say goodbye

[Dustin] If words can explain what I’m feelin,
How much it hurts when I’m not with you.
I wanna hold you, and kiss you, and tell you theres no one but you
So don’t give up on me now

[Pre-Chorus] [Chorus]

Ooo whoa… Girl


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